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Ben & Kat or Kat & Ben

Go To Little Lake Fountain

Cousins Kat and Ben go to Little Lake Fountain and along the way, meet some new friends.
This is our graduation film, and the debut film of Elizacholas. Together, we wrote and directed this film from July 2018 to March 2019. We wanted people to enjoy this film with laughs and smiles. Originally, we were going to make a sci-fi adventure with Ben and Kat - Ben gets ejected into space and Kat has to save him. Can you imagine? But ultimately, we felt the values of that story couldn't be told in the format of a (very) short film. We ended up wanting to tell a story about friendship and human interaction.
The fun part was when we wrote the story, we knew who would be playing the characters (our friends and loved ones). This influenced everything - from the script to the character designs to the animation - and it made the film truly enjoyable to work on everyday. We find that whoever sees it has a character they enjoy watching the most. This is our favorite way the film touches the audience.
- Elizacholas


Jeremy is Nicholas' older brother's best friend so he has known the Dimas family since Nicholas was 9 years old. He has a very strong voice and loves to use it doing different voices.

Jeremy Carrasco

Katherine is Elizabeth's sister. She is pursuing dance, performance, and the arts. She is a rising Junior in highschool and has performed in PCYB's Balanchine Nutcracker and Romeo and Juliet.

Katherine Whitfield

Ben is Nicholas' cousin. He is graduating from highschool this year. He has performed in his high school's plays every year in roles such as Judas in Godspell and Sonny in In the Heights. He also performed at Spotlight Art in Brewster, NY.

Benjamin Pereira

Laura Dimas is the mother of Nicholas Dimas. She loves working with children, especially teaching them Spanish and Math. She loves making people laugh.

Laura Dimas

Laney is a computer artist. Her work is focused around design, aesthetics, lighting, and mood. She also creates jewelry and has a beautiful singing voice.

Laney Lai

Gabriel is a student at the School of Visual Arts who hails from Queens, NY. He is passionate about animation and loves skateboarding.

Gabriel Aguirre

"Andy" Liu is a student at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. He has a great sense of humor and is interested in pursuing a career in VFX.

Tianshu Liu

Nicholas Dimas is one half of Elizacholas, the Nicholas half.

Nicholas Dimas